Worthy of Our Time

Worthy of our Time..


You know we are always being watched. I say that and you may immediately think, “wow you creeper”, or “Are you some sort of conspiracy theorist?” or “you fool extra-terrestrials don’t exist!” Well what I mean by this has nothing to do with any of these. It has everything to do with God.


God is watching us, all the time. He is omnipresent (all-present) He created time, space, and matter. So that means as Creator, He is not held under submission to what He has created. This means that He is outside of time. Time has constraints on us. We can’t fight it… we have been given 24 hours for one whole day. 365 days for one year. And if Christ doesn’t come back or we die and He takes us home young, then we on average could live to be 80 years old. That is 29,200 days, 700,800 hours, 42048000 minutes.. you get the point that is a lot of time… or is it. You see life is short. The bible says in James 4:14 “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”

Time flies quickly, think about it like this… my little sister Sarah, she is 18 now! I am 21, my older sister Vanessa is 23. I still feel like my little sister is 13, yet she is growing up so much she has graduated high school and I know Vanessa feels the same way about myself and Sarah, because we are younger than her. Also I felt like I was at Word of Life Bible Institute my freshman year like only a few months ago yet its been 3 years!

And you old people… *cough * I mean you more mature folks, you probably felt like it was only yesterday when you could run as fast as a kid my age. Or run as long, or have as much energy as someone like me. But you can’t your body as well as mine and everyone else their bodies are slowly decaying. All people everywhere are decaying, including babies all the way from birth are decaying. We are all dying. It’s called reality. It’s because of sin and because Adam that sin and death spread to all men. We could die tomorrow. Are we ready for death? Ask yourself. “Am I ready?”

So if we could have a countdown clock strapped to us like a watch on our wrist telling us how long we had to live, maybe we would use our time better if it said, 1 year, 1 month, 3 days, or 10minutes. We would probably stop spending our time doing things that won’t profit anything.. right? I mean don’t you think we live very pridefully almost as if we were immortal. You know? But isn’t that just crazy, we live as if we are invincible but yet driving on the highway we could be inches from death. Almost everyday there is a traffic jam from a car wreck in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (mom don’t be worried). Statistics say that worldwide around 17,000 people die everyday. What if I was number 14,532 of that day? What if tomorrow you were number 9,346 of that day? God forbid. But hey, it could happen. We don’t know. Everyday that I drive to work at Kohls’ I wake up at about 4:30am to get ready and then at 5:30 I drive about 20minutes to get there. I sometimes just think about how this could be my last day alive, so how do I want to live it, and that motivates me to be a good witness and to be ready to give an answer for the hope of Christ in me.

Ephesians 5:15-17 says “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

  • “Look carefully then how you walk” -from looking at this verse Paul is saying, to examine to really be mindful of the steps we are taking in life and not only the steps but the path/direction.
  • “not as unwise but as wise,”- the book of proverbs Solomon writes to his son and many times alludes to this man or woman of folly, and he instructs him into the way of wisdom. So read proverbs.
  • “making the best use of time”- in some translations it says ‘redeeming the time’ but think about that concept of redeeming the time, buying the time out of the marketplace of sin, taking ownership of your time and not allowing time to pass by but using it for enjoy Jesus and glorifying Him, not to enjoy the temperate pleasures of the world and fall into a slavish love to them. Augustine said this of beauty found in a woman, but you can really apply this to anything that captures your attention, John Eldredge quotes it in his book, Wild at Heart, Let my soul praise you for all these beauties, but let it not attach itself to them by the trap of love.”
  • ‘because the days are evil.’ -everyday we get closer to the Return of the King, The King of kings, who will restore all that He Himself has made. Romans 8:18-25 is an incredible passage on the future glory that awaits us. Check it out!
  • “therefore do not be foolish but understand what the will of the Lord is.” -Many of us can read this passage and catch it’s depth, but in the Greek, as was taught to me by a speaker at a Word of Life Missions Conference, the word understand was in the imperative mood, which was a mood not often used, but was used. And The imperative mood was a mood of command. So God is saying, Therefore (referring to everything said previously) DO NOT be foolish, Proverbs is so good please go read it! Now! Then continue, but Proverbs contains so many “Do Not’s” Seriously check it out! It’s so easy for us to become foolish, For myself to be filled with foolishness, because of sin, Sin clouds our vision, it attacks us like Leprosy, which deadens the feelings in the skin, in the same way sin deadens your relationship with God in order to feel conviction and just walk with Him in a intimate relationship. Understand His will is Paul’s charge and command to us. We are soldiers right? Ephesians 6 the next chapter reminds us that this battle is not against flesh and blood, so it’s a spiritual battle, a battle for the being. Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength…. Why do you think there is so much to the armor of God? Check it out yo!


But like I have been saying about time, it’s important to be reminded that God is worthy of our time, that we shouldn’t waste it. When it’s easy to kick back and sit in front of the tube and numb ourselves to the things that the world embraces and that the Devil himself promotes which hung Christ on the cross. Don’t do it. Some people say it’s radical or religious, call it what you want, but by doing it(separating yourself) doesn’t make you holy. Christ makes you holy. He calls you to be holy as He is holy, but it’s not by trying to gain holiness that you are holy, but by trusting in His holiness and the fact the His Holy Spirit makes His abode within each believer, that is what brings Holiness, not self-made..God-made. You see Christ Jesus, wants you to be godly, but how can you be godly, by worshiping well. Worship is what every being does. It’s who we express the worship towards, to judge whether it be right or wrong. Like are you getting bored right now just reading this? I may not be a good writer, but thinking of the concepts I am typing here in this Starbucks Cafe because I dont have internet at my house currently. Like where is your heart at. Jesus said Himself, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

So where is your heart? A lot of times we think the actions don’t show the heart. But I believe they do, we just can’t see the total amount or the depth of which it’s being poured out at the moment, but God sees the depth. You may say, you can’t judge! Your being critical, but what gets me is this.. ‘Christians’ those who claim the name but not the lifestyle, they will say “You can’t judge me! Why are you being so critical?!” What disgusts me is that the sin some Christians get reproved of, is the very sin they laugh at on television or the very sin they themselves accept. They very sin THAT PUT CHRIST JESUS ON THE CROSS!! He Suffered for YOU!! For YOUR SIN for MY SIN!!! For MY PRIDE and YOUR PRIDE!! Don’t you get it i’m not preaching this to condemn, but to say that there is LIFE OUTSIDE YOUR TELEVISION! The world you watch on T.V. Is better experienced when sharing the gospel with your life and lips out there in the real world Trust me God’s creation looks better in person that on HD or Blu-Ray. Step out and Share your faith. God, Yahweh is alone worthy of your time, of my time. Please be a good steward of it, because you could be dead tomorrow. I could die at the end of writing this blog, on my way home from starbucks! I am not promised my next breath but it is given to me gracioulsy by my heavenly Father, who sent His Only Begotten Perfect Son! He Gave Himself! So Repent, And give yourself wholly to God. Trust me I struggle with this too, I am learning too.. I am not perfect. I am writing what I am learning about. So trust me the Lord is working with me on these very issues, but don’t call yourself a Christian and defame the name of Jesus Christ if your not going to go live it out. Worship God with the time He has given you ministry, worship is not an event. Worship is a lifestyle which is a pouring yourself out unto the Lord, for the purposes of Him, for the lost and dying souls of this world. Please check yourself! Die to Yourself! Give of yourself! And Live For him!


Passages of Scripture that inspired me to write this:

John 15

2 Corinthians 5

John 8:31-47

John 6:60-69

Romans 8

Romans 12:9-21

Romans 14:17

Romans 15:13

Romans 1-6

ROMANS(i think you get it)

Acts 20:24

Isaiah 7:9

Acts 17:22-34

Ephesians 2:1-10

How to live is Christ and Die is gain is ‘far better’ (Philippians 1:21-30)

Though I went to wolbi and grew up in a solid church I want to count it all as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. (Philippians 3:1-11)


I’m not perfect, I am so far from it indeed but I will continue to grow and die to myself daily pray for me yal.. I need it! I am so ill-deserving of His grace but He gives and gives and gives! Oh how Gracious and Mighty and Merciful is our God!! Psalm 16!


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