From the heart (my prayer and attempt at being poetic)



Dear God, It is hurts sinning period. Whether its against You or a friend, I end up thinking it’s going to go good, but I end up hurting myself or someone else. Whether it is pride, lust, covetousness, no matter what sin, small or big, white or black, You hate it, and it grieves you. It’s weird Typing, when I know I could talk to you. Your not a God far off that I have to write this letter too, or send an email and hope you reply. Your near, but my sin makes a separation between You and me. The veil of your flesh, was torn, you made the way to the Holy of Holies.

Take me into the Holy of Holies

Take me in by the blood of Lamb.

Take me into the Holy of Holies

Here I am Lord I am Yours.

Take me into Your arms

Oh Great Potter Mold me into the Image of Your Son

I know it’s gonna hurt and it’s gonna break me

But God I know that is whats best for me.

So take me into the Holy of Holies

Take me in by the blood of the Lamb

Take me into the Holy of Holies

Take the coal, cleanse my lips, Here I am

I love you Lord

but sometimes my heart wins over my passion for You.

Refuel my passion for you today.

Help me, come to my aid God,

in living for you today.

Your the only one worth living for.

I’m not trying to gain the highest score

To compete in righteousness like I’m trying to impress a judge.

Whenever I base my righteousness by works I get stuck in sludge.

The sludge of my sin, its messy and disgusting.

Lord won’t you come and keep on busting

me of my pride and sin and lust inside its “a war inside,”

like my boy Jon Foreman said.

Your constructing this building

so You can be the Foreman, Cornerstone, and God-man.

I am so unworthy. Lord How could you wanna save a WRETCH like ME!!!!?? I am such a fool at times God, for I do the very thing I hate! I can think like an idolator at one moment, then like a son of yours at another. God what makes me so special?

Why would you want to even die for me?

I love you.

Thats all I hear.

I LOVE you.

You love me?


You give me my worth?


Your drowning me with those words


You died for me?


And Your Alive?!


my heart and soul was like a raging storm and you said “Peace be still!”

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