Inspired to Preach for Camp 2012


Preface: I’ve never written poetry before but I really felt incredibly inspired to start writing and I couldn’t stop. It’s context is my desires for people at camp this summer. Specifically the Counselors and unit leaders.

Please listen to every word that comes off my tongue
I’m not yet close to being done
Paul said he counted all things as loss and dung
Because He lived knowing my Savior had already won
How do you plan to make it this summer?
Have you counted the cost, counting all things as loss?
My heartbeat this summer is to be a drummer of the beat of the gospel
For the good news to sound as we march loud and proud to know the King and make Him known to teens.
Will it sound with an angelic ring as we sing?
Or will we constantly complain of some of the campers God brings?
I know this summer will be rough
That God has designed it to be tough
It’s like a refining fire
We’re building God’s empire
But your not doing this solo
don’t forget the Son of God yo.
He was…
Tempted and tried
beaten bruised and
scoffed mocked,
Socked with punches
Scourged with lashes
And by so doing He has turned us into beauty from Ashes
We were nothing but dust, crust, and filled with lust
But Jesus came and set us free
Not to sing with pride like those on Glee but to sing with humility boasting in Thee!
Saint Augustine once said
“Thou awakest us to delight in Thee for we were made for Thee and our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee.”
Please my friends Look and See
What my Savior Jesus has done for thee.
Keep thine eye looking unto the cross
And by it remember that you were once lost
But now being found, this you shall resound,
The Son of God came the Fathers will to fulfill,
Sinless, Beaten, bruised, crucified and killed,
But because of the resurrection I am justified and thrilled!!
The gospel profound and simple
It makes me smile, see my dimples?
My Savior is alive and so this summer I will thrive and not just survive.
Count the cost for the sake of the gospel.
Cuz the lost are worth dying for,
we ain’t here to keep score
But to be faithful and obedient to the Captain of our faith,
As we run as justified saints in this amazing race.

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