Augustine I wrote a poem for you.



St. Augustine


Augustine is such a “G”


It was in Gods sovereign plan;
To have the city of man,
And the city of God.
Man was made from the sod,
But from the heart within,
Came mans horrendous sin.
Fleeting, weak, filled to the brim
Overflowing with Division and perversion.
This city of man,
This is Cain’s excursion.
He killed his brother Abel,
Not Seeing that he himself was able,
To be pleasing in God’s sight,
If he repented with all his might.
The Lord even graciously warned him,
But envy grew and boiled within him
And led to the murder of Abel!
Oh. This is what man was capable of.
When push came to shove,
Sin covered Cain like a glove.
The city of man got 1 point. score!
But what Cain did. God abhorred!
He poured out in anger,
That which just brought more danger!
The 1st murder had taken place!
Oh so great is this disgrace!
It even came up to this point in the great deluge,
That God was sorry that he made man But he refused,
To destroy them all for Noah was found righteous.
The ark became a refuge in the storm tumultuous.
But God in His sovereign plan
Even after Noah could see the land
allowed the city of man to reestablish
Because one day the city of God he will lavish;
On the sons of glory,
Purchased by His blood.
It is all part of HIS-STORY
my Savior’s great name,
Dragged through the mud.
He didn’t count it shame,
But for my sin took the blame.
the Son of God was beaten.
It was incredibly gory.
But death has been defeated,
That’s the end of the story!
My Savior is alive!
The King of kings reigns!
From Everlasting to Everlasting!
So I will not complain.
As the city of man sings it’s sinful refrain.
For i look forward to the city of God,
Where forever my Savior sustains!

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