Abiding in Christ for our Joy



He came and died So we could abide
This isn’t A story that was just a little gory.
It’s historical fact that is impossible to subtract.
It may seem abstract but it’s because you don’t know the facts
How well do you know the Word?
Would Jesus say your lack of knowledge is absurd?
Aren’t you supposed to be a sheep in His herd?
Following the Great Shepherd over every hurdle.
In every valley, down every dark alley
Over every mountain to taste of His fountain!
Because I have heard the beautiful proclamation.
The gospel resound with simplification
And at the hearing of the Saviors love.
That’s when push came to shove
I felt the conviction of Spirit
Was I gonna deny it or believe it?
I couldn’t help but take it as I saw
The Father, yes he did draw
This sinful man that I am
Into the arms of the Lion and the Lamb.
My eyes were tearing up because my helplessness and deadness
But the Spirit of God came into my heart and I am now given His righteousness.
He Made me clean from a mess
He took me from that which is grotesque
And allows me to enter into his presence with holiness,
No Bleach of self-righteousness was strong enough to make clean
It took the blood of Jesus to change me from the obscene
This is so serene!
How could this holy God love a wretch like me,
But that’s it, I am no longer a wretch, but a son,
Because Jesus said. “It is done.” He has won! And for that I’m undone!
I can’t get over it.
That’s the good news! God! It is Himself He is offering me
Listen to Lecrae, real quickly
He said.
“God is the gospel, not a new Bentley, that’s empty, but he gave me life and that’s plenty!”
My Jesus sees me as dear to Himself
So I no longer live in fear of myself
Because the word I adhere
I now find it dear and precious to my soul.
Because without His word, I’d lose control.
Let me kick it into high gear
I used to fear but Jesus cleared that from my mind
It had me all caught in a bind
I wanted to be free but part of me didn’t
It was a battle: my flesh versus the Spirit
I found TEMPORARY delight in the lies promised to me by the enemy
But it wasn’t until I heard Jesus say “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst”
If I didn’t believe that, I’d be dead in a hurse.
For my passions ran wild and I was always trying to fill it.
Do you know what I’m talking about? Or are you to blind to see it?
It’s like eating a little crusty bread crumb still hungry for a full meal,
You’ll never be filled until by the Spirit you are sealed.
This is real it ain’t a joke, this is my story, because my sin almost had me choked.
But Jesus invaded my way of thinking.
He stopped this ship from sinking
And now my eyes arent blinking
Because I’m focused on the prize, not to the right or to the left.
But like Elijah I’m hidden in the cleft of the rock.
Allowing God to fill me up,
Yes LORD continue to fill this cup
I don’t want to mess up and fall away from you.
Please fulfill your word in me and fill me up with You.
I come to You thirsty,
That “out of my heart may flow rivers of living waters”
So that They may drink, Your sons and daughters! Yes Thank you Father!

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