Hear & Do



Hear and do then blessed are you
By that we can see He makes all things new
So without further a due,
Let’s give thanks to our God who came through
When I heard the word of truth
Proclaimed unto me
I rejoiced because I was once blind but now see
So often I hear and don’t do
But my Lord, you see right through me
And still love me in spite of all you see
Like the parable in the book of MATThew,
I’m that tax collector that lies destitute
On my face, pounding my chest w/ disgrace
The pharisee looks upon me with thankfulness misplaced
For God you see through his religious fake face mask
To the one who truly repented and asked
You granted forgiveness
That he may pass
“God have mercy on me a sinner” the tax collector pleaded
For he saw that forgiveness was what he needed.
So like the tax collector when I understood that; my joy exceeded.
For my Jesus has made me His
Though the mark I did miss
He took my place, oh the bliss!
Now I may enter into the joy of my Master
And not enter into eternal disaster
I have been bought with a price
From the sin that was on me like parasites.
God has destroyed it like the Jebusites.
He is light and in him is no darkness at all,
Darkness has to do with the fall
Where Satan in his pride tried to walk tall,
But was the tempter that tempted Eve to befall to the lie
Hidden at first in disguise
But came out clearly by the devils 3rd try.
He is so sly
So pay attention to the word you hear
For if you do what you hear,
The car it will steer
Your journeying in a certain direction
To hopefully one day attain perfection
So please make this time a reflexion
Am I living truth and experiencing transformation?
Or am I led astray and looking like this nation?
Shaped and molded into a statue
Conformed to this culture
Being eating by demonic vultures.
As I sit in the desert not satisfied and thirsty and hungry.
Will I be fathered and not fed?
Fathered by God
Or fed by my desires
Will I choose God’s empire?
Or Satan’s muddy mire?
In the world not of,
Is God’s command to us.
Do you live in lust?
Or is it Him who you trust?

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