My old father often conspires
How my attention he may acquire
Jesus said he is the greatest liar
And i constantly need that reminder
He often brings forth quick glances of my past
And that at times it can hold me fast
“Lord I know what I did was wrong!”, I cry.
“My Son covers you with his blood” God replies.
“But is that really true?!” I hear the lies.
My old man’s talking it keeps me from walking.
But why do I feel held fast in the cords of iniquity?
Am I bound again to this old sin like those in antiquity?
Did not Jesus say “It is Finished”?
Or am I letting that simply diminish
Silently and covertly the devil comes this hour.
As a roaring lion he seeks to devour.
Will I give into these lies at the mercy of his power?
But wait………
What power does he have?
Doesn’t the word of God say something about this?
“If it is God who justifies, who is to condemn?”
I once was dead but God has made me alive
In such a way that I can thrive.
I cry out to God,
I hear his reply
I nod in acknowledgment and with relief I sigh
By the work of Christ I am made clean
My God calls me “son” and that makes me see
That I am so precious in his eyes
I am worth the blood of Jesus
No song can fully describe the joy that brings
Knowing my New Father oh so joyfully sings,
That I came to sheepfold w/ angels rejoicing over me.
Thank you God for putting me in Christ.
I am a son and no longer a slave
So I no longer have to act like a nave.
For God you call me “co-heir”
And where is Satan? NOWHERE
To be seen
At the name of Jesus He FLEES
I am forever a son of My God most high
And forever there I will choose to abide
And forever I say bye-bye to my sin that clung so tight,
But it never had power at all.
I believed a lie and therefore fall,
I will constantly do that until I get on the ball,
with what God word says,
That to sin I am dead and to God I am alive
So I need to dig in His word,
for if I am with out it.
You might as well call me a prisoner
Because without God, I am a stuck sinner.
But my God is a winner and He has won my soul
I forever now believe His word and know He is in sovereign control.



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