Hanging Boxing Gloves


Context: every human in this world to some degree or another struggles with the sin of lust, or as Jesus radically calls it adultery. I was inspired to write this poem, from the years I have been making war against my flesh, the world, & the devil. And a desire to be real and transparent before people. Texts of Scripture that inspired me. The whole book of Hosea, proverbs 5-7, Ephesians 5:3, 1 Thessalonians 4:3, and Colossians 2:13-15. Thankful for Gods grace and the ability to express how I think,feel, pray through poetry. Pray it blesses you.

Her deceptive stare,
I dare not glare,
It is a vanity fair
She is like a wild mare
waiting to be tamed
thinking it leads to a great name
it just maims, drains, stains, claims, and aims destroy me.
She takes men to a place
Where they succumb to
All that is numb and leads to disgrace, as their heart is displaced and set on idols.
its a disease that isn’t mild or benign
but rather maligns my thirst
it instills in me a pattern
That doesn’t Satisfy but immerses
and only multiplies my pain
For that which you greatly disdain
so Please remain and reign as my one and only King,
So I can oh so joyfully sing
Sweet melodies and harmonies
As you settle the harlot in me
In my heart i cheated on you
Our story is like Hosea and the whore
I kept running from you
into sin you abhorred
All along I thought, like the world, that I had scored.
But all was doing was nailing your hands to that board.
I ran across the floor
Running through the door of sin
As I hear Satan screaming
“Dude, You are winning”
All along I was deceived in my sinning
The Spirit grieved over my deceived heart, I need a restart, a fresh start, a new heart.
The light shined on my darkness
And exposed that I was heartless
Then he offered me His flesh and I ate
His blood and I drank
His sacrifice is enough
The decision I thought would be tough
But when I saw His glory,
I couldnt help but run to Him
As I hear the Amazing Grace Hymn
Knowing He wanted to save a wretch like me,
No longer deceived but complete
No longer a harlot but a heir
No longer living a lie but a life
No longer aching but aiming to please Him and Him alone
Not like some robotic drone
But as a son before His Father’s throne
Where i am not condemned
But I am hemmed in behind and before
Where At my door Jesus often knocks and we have fellowship, and I get to greater realize the reality of our friendship. The sonship that is mine in My family divine. As I abide in Jesus Christ the True & Living Vine.

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