The Shepherd shouts (poem)

As I sit here on this mound
I look at the stars all around
By their beauty I am amazed
I can’t help but sit and gaze
My day has been quite a haze
Almost like wandering in a maze
But I found my way out
For I heard the Shepherds shouts
“My son, my son, come out, come out”
And I don’t have any doubts
That the One who did shout
Was my Savior, King Jesus
It’s crazy how He constantly sees us.
He sees the depths of my heart
and he loves me the same.
He knew it from the start
And before I was born decided to take the blame
Yes, for my sin, Jesus died,
The Romans had Him crucified.
But no one took his life
For he laid it down
So my friend don’t frown.
Because Jesus was no clown.
After being dead for three days
He rose bodily from the grave.
Because no one could take his life
He laid it down, and also took it up again


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