Texas 4.0 On my Grind w/ all my Mind


This is my 4th year in TX and thus the title is labeled 4.0, because this is an update to all that is happening in my life when it comes to all my friends/family around the world, curious about my direction, circumstances, and all the things God is doing in my life.

I have now been married for over 8months.

I turn 25 years old today.

I have finished my undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.

I have written a massive (at least in my eyes) thesis, which really taught me a lot about God, man, literature, and discipline.

Jillian Renee McNeely (I love saying that name, with the McNeely on the end!) has become only more beautiful in my eyes as the days go by. I know…I know.. I’ll get the accusation of, “You’re newly weds! it’ll fade!” I understand what you’re saying friend, but I think letting it fade is to let go of what the Apostle Paul means when he says, “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.” I am called to have a crucifixion type love.   A love that dies to self IMG_3568and is in deep-abiding sacrificial love because of who God is and His love for His bride as well as because of who she is, my chosen bride with whom I am one with. 🙂

“If lovin doesn’t hurt you ain’t lovin hard.” -Trip Lee.

Marriage has revealed my sin and my weaknesses and my insecurities.  But it has also through the power of the gospel and through the work of the Holy Spirit in exposing those things, brought healing and growth.  I feel more consistent in some ways and in others I don’t but more importantly I’m catching a glimpse of God’s love for His church.  In the little and big ways I love my wife.

In other news, I recently got laid off from my job and was definitely a huge shock.  I made a mistake on the job and at the corporate level once it was reported, they said I couldn’t work for them anymore.  It was tough, I went home that night to my wife and just wept, because I was afraid and felt like a complete failure.  The burden of providing for your family, paying bills, paying off debt, giving to the Lord, and saving money; it all just horrified me.  But my wife, was such an encouragement and a source of joy in the midst of sorrow. That I was able to grow in this and see it all as a gift from the Lord.  My life has been changed bigtime, because my faith in God continues to grow firmer through trials like this.

I now have a job at PF Changs, and I start on Monday. I am thrilled to see God’s provision in my life. I hope this little blog was a quick little way for you to glimpse the things God is doing in my life and family.

Updates and prayer requests:

  • I am by faith moving forward with my education after I graduate to pursue 2 masters degrees instead of one.  The new master of arts in Apologetics at SWBTS and the Advanced Masters in Divinity with the concentration of New Testament exegesis and expository preaching.
  • I have had a few men I have been discipling just fall away which has been really hard to see the past couple of years. About 3 total. So I won’t mention their names here, but pray for them.
  • I have started, for sure, discipling 2 guys. and thrilled about that.
  • Pray that my new job would be flexible with my schedule
  • Pray that Jill and I will grow in our walk with the Lord and with each other spiritually as we seek to advance God’s kingdom
  • Pray for my knee….it hurts.

Love yal. If you blog or are on twitter, let me know what your info is and I’d love to keep up with you, friend or family member.


Phil. 1:21 “For me to Live is Christ and to die is GAIN.”

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