A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage

A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage

A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage
— Read on justthinking.me/2018/07/17/a-7-point-biblical-marriage-reality-check/

I enjoy much of what “dangerous” Darrell B. Harrison writes and posts. This is. Great reality check on marriage. Give it a read!

3 thoughts on “A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage

  1. Thank you Travis. Gods timing

    How have you been bro?

    Blessings Terry

    *Terry Shearer* *Assistant Executive Director* PO Box 15 Kilsyth, Vic, 3137. Office (03) 9761 7086. Mobile 0431 329 931 || ourdailybread.org [image: Our Daily Bread Ministries]


  2. Hey Travis!

    Thank you for your most recent post on marriage. Solid stuff.

    Also, I believe at some point you mentioned the name of a woman who writes on topics/questions our children should have answers to before leaving their parents home. Might you know to what I’m referring and could you steer me in the right direction? For more info? Thank you!

    Love to your precious family!

    Karin Lindstam

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    1. Karen! Good to hear from you. I’m glad you were encouraged by Darrell Harrison’s post I shared here. The lady I spoke of was Nancy Pearcey she has written several helpful books. Total Truth (2004), Finding Truth (2012?) Love Thy Body (2018) I have a Review for “Love Thy Body” in my blog if you search for it from the beginning of the year or end of last year. I’ve walked a number of our parents through it for our PreTeen retreat and gave them all a free copy. It is a phenomenal book on the sexual problems we are facing in culture.

      Also her other books have been immensely helpful, in one particular case I was meeting with a student who was an avowed atheist (but had only become so recently through some trials), when speaking to him as a 14 year old, he was hurt and needed someone to talk to and ask questions. After empathizing with him for a time he really wanted answers to his questions. So we met and spoke about his questions. I walked through Finding Truth with him and he is now stronger than ever in his faith.

      Another good book is “Talking with your kids about God” By Natasha Crain. I’ve only flipped through this one, but it looks like a valuable resource for parents.


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