Unofficial Transcript of SBC 2019 ERLC Q&A

Thankful for this brother who took time to write out this transcript of what took place. I reblog it here for the record. Follow this blog

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Below I’ve transcribed the ERLC Q&A with Dr. Russell Moore that has raised a host of concerns. I’m not sure what the copyright rules are, so I’ll remove it if I’m told to. Until then, I hope this provides something concrete as the conversation continues regarding what was said.

Travis McNeely: My name’s Travis McNeely, messenger of Woodlawn Baptist Church, Dr. Moore, in a 2007 podcast with IX Marks, you were asked whether women underneath the authority of a pastor could teach or preach to men. You said, ‘If the Apostle Paul wanted to say that, he would’ve said it. Everybody in the churches remain under the authority of the pastor. It doesn’t mean you now have the authority to sin, to go against the creational order. It would be very much akin to a woman saying, “I’m going to commit adultery under the headship of my husband. I have…

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