What Is Critical Race Theory?

What is Racism?

As a Christian, I figured this would be an easy answer. Racism is hating someone based off of skin color or showing partiality on the same basis. Or if the accusation of being a racist is made toward you that means you as an individual have committed an act of prejudice steeped in hatred toward another person of a differing race. Is it that simple?


According to the modern cultural definition, Racism is Prejudice + Power.

What is the Power? It is the Cultural Hegemony.

What is the Cultural Hegemony? Hegemony essentially means “ruling-power.” When someone refers to the Cultural Hegemony they are referring to the Social structure of society. The dominating paradigm of the culture from a structural standpoint.

So that means when you are charged with racism today, it means you are a person that is part of the Cultural Hegemony you are a part of the collective social structure of society. This is inherently racist, especially if you are in this system being a white, male, cisgendered, Christian, American.

This is the Religion of Racialism.

As you’ll see in the episode above, Critical Race Theory is a dangerous ideology that is contrary to the Gospel. It is a whole different worldview. It has not only infiltrated our institutions of higher education but also our politics: Critical Race Theory has invaded the Federal Government!

Consider the words below on CRT:

Critical race theory (CRT) is a school of thought meant to emphasize the effects of race on one’s social standing. It originated among legal scholars like Derrick Bell . . . , who argued that racism and white supremacy were defining elements of the American legal system—and of American society writ large—despite language related to “equal protection.” Early proponents argued for a contextual, historicized analysis of the law that would challenge seemingly neutral concepts like meritocracy and objectivity, which, in practice, tend to reinforce white supremacy. The fight against oppression of people of color was a major goal of early critical race theorists; in other words, they sought to change the status quo, not just critique it.

“I’ve accepted that as my motto: I live to harass white folk.”

– Derrick Bell, Professor and Developer of CRT.

CRT and Woke ideology is racist—in its original understanding of Hatred + partiality. The hatred of alleged oppressors as a class and the partiality toward the so-called oppressed as a class.

“To teach Critical Race Theory is to teach the latest in a sad line of theoretical justifications for legally-codified racism.” — Bill Barlow, Harvard Law Review

If you missed Part 1 last week. Go to this link and watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wZ3scDkZFE&t=242s

The link for Part 2 is above. Please Watch, Comment your questions you may have, Like, Share, & Subscribe.

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