Critical Race Theory in Evangelicalism

The past 3 weeks – Professor Trahan has shared his own story as a former Critical Theorist, has given a history of CRT, & given us 9 different reasons why it is problematic.

Today, we begin with evidence of where this is cropping up among evangelicals. 

We have no problem naming names, precisely because these things that are being said have been on repeat for a few years now. Many push back and say they aren’t not teaching Critical Race Theory and are only teaching, “Justice.” Some come right out and acknowledge the racial categories services from CRT.

The evidence isn’t completely laid out here, but enough to leave you shocked and appalled at the end. If this astonishes you, like the video on YT so it’ll gain traction & ask questions in the comments. Please share this with as many pastors & laypeople as possible, so they are not swept into this teaching.

Articles & Videos:

We Await Repentance for Assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King by Thabiti

The Reformation is not just a White Man’s Legacy by Mika Edmondson

White Christians its Time to Stand in Solidarity with your Black Brothers & Sisters by Amy Julia Becker – Christianity Today

CRU 2019 Staff Conference

SEBTS Curriculum

Dhati Lewis

Conversations That Matter (This resource has done a lot of analysis of this ideology, I encourage subscribing to this channel).

MLK50 Conference

T4G Conference

Matthew Hall “I’m a Racist”

Woke Preacher Clips

Walter Strickland

Ekemini Uwan “Whiteness is Wicked.”

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