Resolution 9: A New Analytical Tool for the SBC

Marxism presents the best analysis of the oppression-liberation conflict in terms of class struggle. So the liberation theologian must be committed to Marxism at least as an “analytical tool,” at most to socialist revolution as such.” 

– Gustavo Gutierrez, Latin American Liberation Theologian.

A small dose of poison mixed into water can kill someone, if consumed. This is exactly what we witnessed at the SBC Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL on June 12, 2019. 

Resolution 9 was a drop of poison into the Convention body of the SBC.

They took a dose of poison that is killing them. There is time for the antidote,  but time is running out. Unfortunately, calls for warning were not and still have not been heeded. Acknowledging there is poison and doing something about it are two different things. It will take people that are unafraid to take on these ideologies with everything they’ve got. 

In this episode, Professor Trahan examines Resolution 9 and points out the dangers within it, even breaking with Neil Shenvi’s take on the Resolution. See Shenvi’s take Here, Here & Here.

He then goes hard at the alleged positives of CRT that the resolution puts forth and puts the nail in the coffin on the utility of this resolution. 

Our hope through this episode is that EVERY Southern Baptist pastor & church member would watch it and show up in droves in Nashville in 2021 and make a bold statement that we will not stand for heretical doctrines in our Convention, Seminaries, Entities, & Churches. 

Please Watch, Like, Share, & Subscribe. Enjoy!

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