Critical Race Theory Series: All 6 Episodes and an Opportunity to Ask Randy Trahan Questions

Recently I released a new series on my YouTube Channel with former Critical Theorist and Professor of Law at LSU, Randy Trahan. 

Now as a Christian who has abandoned Neo-Marxism, he reflects on his time immersed into Critical Legal Studies at in law school and has been stunned by all that is taking place within the SBC. He and I both felt it necessary to make this 6 part series  to inform you of the dangers of Critical Race Theory & Intersectionality. If you don’t understand Critical Theory, then consider hearing from the life experience of this law professor who wants to warn you of how serious of a problem this is.

You NEED to be prepared for the ideological battle ahead and this resource is a helpful way to learn about what it is, why it is a problem, where we’re seeing it, and offer a solution.

If you find this series beneficial, please consider sharing this video with your pastor or friends. Like the video and subscribe to the channel to help spread awareness of the videos. 

I’m just a pastor trying to use modern technology to better equip believers to understand the world God made. I want to address the ideas that are counter to the faith that the enemy would seek to use to strip believers of their faith and confidence in God’s word.

Please take a moment to watch them and give any helpful feedback to them. Please take a moment to Subscribe to my channel and also to share these episodes at a minimum with pastors you serve and at most on your own social media accounts.

This series was released beginning early November and has garnered thousands of views. I have received many comments as to why it is so helpful. Here are all six episodes listed below.

Here are individual links to all 6 episodes:

  1. A Former Critical Theorist Tells His Story
  2. What is Critical Race Theory?
  3. Why is Critical Race Theory Problematic?
  4. Where do we see CRT in Evangelical Institutions?
  5. Resolution 9: A New Analytical Tool for the SBC
  6. Responding to Critical Race Theory: The Sufficiency of Scripture

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Questions for Randy:

If you would like ask Professor Trahan a question about the series submit it here:

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