The Expanded Scriptures of the LDS Church – LDS Evangelism – Ep. 2.

This Spring I became acquainted with a Ph.D. Student at LSU who has a passion for reaching the Latter-day Saints (LDS) for Christ, his name is Owen Clower. For those who follow my page, Owen has graciously allowed for me to film him teaching this material to students and making his teaching sheets and worksheets available. This course is completely free. Why? Because we want to see the LDS come to Christ.

Episode 1 is here if you missed it.

Episode 2 is below.

There is also a link to the lesson material (fill in the blank) to follow along with the video.

If you know someone trying to evangelize to Mormons, then this series is for them!

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Thanks for stopping by the blog, we hope this material exalts God and then equips and encourages you.


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