Reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man and writing an exact man.
Francis Bacon


Critical Race Theory in Evangelicalism

The past 3 weeks – Professor Trahan has shared his own story as a former Critical Theorist, has given a history of CRT, & given us 9 different reasons why it is problematic. Today, we behin with evidence of where this is cropping up among evangelicals.

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Why Do the Lies of Islamic Peace Persist?

Jihad–Literally means ‘to strive’ or ‘to exert to the utmost.’ In Islamic parlance it signifies all forms of striving, including armed struggle, aimed at making the Word of Allah prevail. Jihad strives with a motive of hatred & and a goal of destruction of their enemies. If hatred is such a strong motivator, how come we keep hearing that Islam is a “religion of peace?”

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