Reblog: I Am Woman…I Don’t Have To Roar — Biblical Woman

My wife wrote this article a year ago. On the text in 1 Peter 3 about the woman being a "weaker vessel." Encouraged by her faithfulness to Scripture and counter-cultural stance. She is such a gift of God's grace to our family.

On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

Paul never minces words with those who syncretize other ideas into the gospel and thus create a false gospel. He is direct and forthright about the dangers of straying from the gospel.

Reflections on My First Year in Vocational Ministry.

A year ago yesterday, I (along with many gracious brothers and sisters at SWBTS) packed up my Penske truck, tearfully said our goodbyes and my family and I joyfully drove down with eager expectation of the great things God was going to do in and through our lives as we entered our first ever vocational [...]

The Defense of Christian Liberty in Colossians: Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 4

Editors Note: This post is in a series of 4 posts from a paper I did in my graduate studies. See Part 1 here.  Part 2 Here. Part 3 Here. This is part 4! This is the second part of the series that examines the passage exegetically. Part 4 zeroes in on Col. 2:16-23. The Defense [...]

What Were They Teaching? Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 2

The Colossian heresy has been a highly debated subject with apparently 44 different identifications of what this heresy might be. In this blog, I briefly summarize 4 of the primary views of what it might've been.