“Looking Unto Jesus”: Rich Memories, Revitalizing Reminder, and a Beautiful Vision of Jesus Christ

Many years ago, while in upstate N.Y. I had just returned from a long winter break in Florida and ready to start the new semester.  I was looking for encouragement over the Scriptures and came across Hebrew 12:1-2. I had heard this text preached and shared often and I wanted to know more.  So I [...]

Book Review: Four Views on the Book of Revelation

Gentry, Kenneth L., Sam Hamstra, Robert Thomas. Four Views on the Book of Revelation. Edited by Marvin C. Pate, Stanley N. Gundry. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House,1998. pp. 258. $17.99. Introduction There have been many views on the Apocalypse of John throughout church history. Considering modern responses to it, on the one hand Revelation [...]

Finished Books of 2015

  I got to read some great and challenging books this year. Some books of the bible for meditation and devotion; some for school; and some for personal enjoyment. If you have interest in any of these  I would love to chat about them, just leave a comment below or send me an email: w.travismcneely@gmail.com [...]

Morning Devotion: Daily Dependence on the Lord, 7/16/2015

On most days I will wake up and read my Bible and read some other devotional materials, one of those being Morning and Evening, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Today's reading was a great reminder, be encouraged brothers and sisters: Morning, July 16 “They gathered manna every morning.” — Exodus 16:21 Labour to maintain a sense [...]

Books I have read this year

Finished Books of 2014 "Little learning and much pride comes of hasty reading." -C. H. Spurgeon If anything this year I have learned the value of meditation on what I'm reading. The above quote is added after a year of sometimes hasty reading, but still much meditative reading. I post this not to brag, no [...]