On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

Paul never minces words with those who syncretize other ideas into the gospel and thus create a false gospel. He is direct and forthright about the dangers of straying from the gospel.

ReBlog: A Screwtape Letter for 2018 by David Worcester

I just finished C.S. Lewis’s classic book The Screwtape Letters and was inspired to write a modern version of one of the letters that relates to how the devil can tempt us with our phones. It’s written from the perspective of a senior demon writing to a junior demon. In this letter, as in Lewis’s [8…] [...]

Texas 4.0 On my Grind w/ all my Mind

  This is my 4th year in TX and thus the title is labeled 4.0, because this is an update to all that is happening in my life when it comes to all my friends/family around the world, curious about my direction, circumstances, and all the things God is doing in my life. I have [...]