Stephen Hawking Dead at 76. A Twofold Tragedy.

Stephen Hawking Dead at 76. A Twofold Tragedy.

One year ago today. My take on his death brought about the most views I've ever had on my blog. It truly is a twofold tragedy.

The Most Important Book of 2018: A Must Read to Better Understand the Watershed Issues in our Culture

Nancy Pearcey has done it again.  She has taken complex ideas, done a lot of research, and has delivered a helpful tool for the church to use for discipleship of the mind...and body.  This is a book that I believe is both challenging and accessible to readers from Junior High to Ph.D.'s.  As a Minister [...]

Wellspring of Life “in” the Garden

The Garden "in" Eden. It must've been the most beautiful and serene place in the whole existence of humanity. It was what God intended for His people. A Garden. What does a garden symbolize? Peace, serenity, safety, purity, friendship, joy, and life. Eden is still here today: Observe the description of the garden of Eden [...]

Potential Summer Reading List

As I look forward to my final semester to attain my bachelors degree in Humanities, I have realized that reading has become a huge part of my life. There is that famous phrase, "Readers are leaders and leaders are readers." However it goes, you get the point. Reading develops leadership type skills. Now I'm tired [...]