Reblog: I Am Woman…I Don’t Have To Roar — Biblical Woman

My wife wrote this article a year ago. On the text in 1 Peter 3 about the woman being a "weaker vessel." Encouraged by her faithfulness to Scripture and counter-cultural stance. She is such a gift of God's grace to our family.

Reflections On My First D6 Conference

Reflections On My First D6 Conference

We need to get to work in family discipleship. Teaching fathers and mothers to raise their children and not depend solely on the pastoral staff at the church to take the role of the parent. Rather our role is come alongside the parent and to "equip the saints [these parents] for the work of ministry, for the building of the body of Christ" (Eph. 4:12). 

The Most Important Book of 2018: A Must Read to Better Understand the Watershed Issues in our Culture

Nancy Pearcey has done it again.  She has taken complex ideas, done a lot of research, and has delivered a helpful tool for the church to use for discipleship of the mind...and body.  This is a book that I believe is both challenging and accessible to readers from Junior High to Ph.D.'s.  As a Minister [...]

Is Communism dead today? “Agenda: Grinding America Down” by Rep. Curtis Bowers A Representative from the state of Idaho follows the connections from Karl Marx to the modern day liberal party, reading published works by Communists and others who have been sympathizers with the Communist movement. More than that, he reveals the roots of Communism and defines ways in which it destroys society. In the family, [...]