Stephen Hawking Dead at 76. A Twofold Tragedy.

Stephen Hawking Dead at 76. A Twofold Tragedy.

One year ago today. My take on his death brought about the most views I've ever had on my blog. It truly is a twofold tragedy.

Shock, Awe, Fear, and Tears

The title of this post, displays mixed but somewhat related behaviors or actions of my soul. It all started yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 23), I was attending the college ministry at Travis Avenue Baptist Church. It was the 1st sermon of the semester by Matt Geddie, it was a little different than his usual sermons, which [...]

Take the World, but Give Me Jesus

My life I observe has been the constantly chasing for gratification, you can call me a hedonist. I want to view my life as pleasurable, so I chase that which pleases me. At times I have been deceived into thinking some object of 'pleasure' will please me and I totally come up dry and unsatisfied. [...]