Book Review: Father, Son, and Spirit: The Trinity in John’s Gospel by Andreas Köstenberger and Scott Swain

This volume has many strong points with few weaknesses, if any, in regards to the presentation of the material on this subject. For a thorough walk-through of the gospel of John’s structure and teaching on the Trinity, one find’s a great resource in this volume for teaching on this subject.

What Does Paul Have To Say? Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 3

Editors Note: This post is in a series of 4 posts from a paper I did in my graduate studies. See Part 1 here.  Part 2 Here. This is part 3! This is the second part of the series that examines the passage exegetically. Part 3 zeroes in on Col. 2:11-15. Paul gives his first [...]

What Were They Teaching? Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 2

The Colossian heresy has been a highly debated subject with apparently 44 different identifications of what this heresy might be. In this blog, I briefly summarize 4 of the primary views of what it might've been.

Wellspring of Life “in” the Garden

The Garden "in" Eden. It must've been the most beautiful and serene place in the whole existence of humanity. It was what God intended for His people. A Garden. What does a garden symbolize? Peace, serenity, safety, purity, friendship, joy, and life. Eden is still here today: Observe the description of the garden of Eden [...]