What Does Paul Have To Say? Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 3

Editors Note: This post is in a series of 4 posts from a paper I did in my graduate studies. See Part 1 here.  Part 2 Here. This is part 3! This is the second part of the series that examines the passage exegetically. Part 3 zeroes in on Col. 2:11-15. Paul gives his first [...]

Defending God as the Maximally Great and Perfect Being

Defending God as the Maximally Great and Perfect Being http://www.travisdickinson.com/defending-god-as-the-maximally-great-and-perfect-being/ — Read on http://www.travisdickinson.com/defending-god-as-the-maximally-great-and-perfect-being/ I wish I could say for fun that this is a maximally great blog post, but that wouldn't work logically, so I'll be honest and just say it's a really really good one! 😉 give it a read if you're interested [...]

Reblog: Does Evidence Take Away from the Bible’s Authority? — The Benefit of the Doubt

Authority Issues Christians have always been extremely wary of holding anything, such as philosophy or “reason” or evidence, as an authority over Scripture. It is sometimes argued that if one appeals to something as a reason to believe Scripture, then that thing becomes one’s authority. But, for the Christian, nothing can stand in authority over… via [...]