A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage

A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage http://justthinking.me/2018/07/17/a-7-point-biblical-marriage-reality-check/ — Read on justthinking.me/2018/07/17/a-7-point-biblical-marriage-reality-check/ I enjoy much of what "dangerous" Darrell B. Harrison writes and posts. This is. Great reality check on marriage. Give it a read!

Reblog: The Misleading Language of the Social Justice Movement

The Misleading Language of the Social Justice Movement http://justthinking.me/2018/05/13/the-misleading-language-of-the-social-justice-movement/ — Read on justthinking.me/2018/05/13/the-misleading-language-of-the-social-justice-movement/

Reblog: Is Christianity doubt-able?: Certainty vs. Confidence

Is Christianity doubt-able?: Certainty vs. Confidence http://www.travisdickinson.com/christianity-doubt-able-certainty-vs-confidence/ — Read on http://www.travisdickinson.com/christianity-doubt-able-certainty-vs-confidence/

Finished Books of 2015

  I got to read some great and challenging books this year. Some books of the bible for meditation and devotion; some for school; and some for personal enjoyment. If you have interest in any of these  I would love to chat about them, just leave a comment below or send me an email: w.travismcneely@gmail.com [...]