On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

Paul never minces words with those who syncretize other ideas into the gospel and thus create a false gospel. He is direct and forthright about the dangers of straying from the gospel.

Reflections on My First Year in Vocational Ministry.

A year ago yesterday, I (along with many gracious brothers and sisters at SWBTS) packed up my Penske truck, tearfully said our goodbyes and my family and I joyfully drove down with eager expectation of the great things God was going to do in and through our lives as we entered our first ever vocational [...]

The Defense of Christian Liberty in Colossians: Examining the Colossian Heresy: Part 4

Editors Note: This post is in a series of 4 posts from a paper I did in my graduate studies. See Part 1 here.  Part 2 Here. Part 3 Here. This is part 4! This is the second part of the series that examines the passage exegetically. Part 4 zeroes in on Col. 2:16-23. The Defense [...]