On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

On Whether Christians Should Contend Publicly.

Paul never minces words with those who syncretize other ideas into the gospel and thus create a false gospel. He is direct and forthright about the dangers of straying from the gospel.

Reblog: Does Evidence Take Away from the Bible’s Authority? — The Benefit of the Doubt

Authority Issues Christians have always been extremely wary of holding anything, such as philosophy or “reason” or evidence, as an authority over Scripture. It is sometimes argued that if one appeals to something as a reason to believe Scripture, then that thing becomes one’s authority. But, for the Christian, nothing can stand in authority over… via [...]

Thinking on the Past, Looking Forward to the Future

**This blog below I wrote almost entirely the Summer of 2016. I never posted it, but looking at where I am at now in 2018. I'm glad I waited. I am able now to reflect on God's faithfulness these two years, and get this out of my draft box! 🙂 Maybe you will be encouraged [...]