Thoughts from the Apologetics Symposium at SWBTS

This past weekend, April 11 & 12. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, held the first of many to come Apologetics events on campus.  Speakers such as David Naugle of DBU, Steve Lee from Prestonwood Academy, and other faculty and staff at SWBTS such as Keith Loftin, Harvey Solganick,  Paul Gould, Travis Dickinson, Terry Wilder, and Mike [...]

Soberly Reminded

“Son of man, What is the vine tree more than any tree, or than a branch which is among the trees of the forest?” Ezekiel 15:2 These words are for the humbling of God’s people; they are called God’s vine, but what are they by nature more than others? They, by God’s goodness, have become [...]

Take the World, but Give Me Jesus

My life I observe has been the constantly chasing for gratification, you can call me a hedonist. I want to view my life as pleasurable, so I chase that which pleases me. At times I have been deceived into thinking some object of 'pleasure' will please me and I totally come up dry and unsatisfied. [...]