Defending God as the Maximally Great and Perfect Being

Defending God as the Maximally Great and Perfect Being — Read on I wish I could say for fun that this is a maximally great blog post, but that wouldn't work logically, so I'll be honest and just say it's a really really good one! 😉 give it a read if you're interested [...]

A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage

A 7-Point Reality Check on Biblical Marriage — Read on I enjoy much of what "dangerous" Darrell B. Harrison writes and posts. This is. Great reality check on marriage. Give it a read!

“Though You Slay Me” by Shane and Shane ft. Pastor John Piper A wonderful song about suffering as a Christian, trusting those tough moments in life when God allows the evils of this world to affect us, but does not do it in vain. The biggest question posed today is the problem of evil in the world. The living and true God of Christianity, handles suffering [...]

The Loss of the Christian’s Liberty: “Religious Neutrality” in the Public Education System

In the United States of America, there has been an ongoing attack against the freedom for Christian's to express their religious beliefs. While other religions are tolerated to express freely, the Christian one seems to be the most attacked in the United States by secularists, seeking to bring about the eradication of religion.Eradication of religion. [...]

Knowing God in Healing

Hurt. Pain. Confusion. Frustration. Suffering. Brokenness. ...Are all emotions or seasons of life that we find ourselves experiencing, will all carry some, if not all, of what I've mentioned above. In a average western mindset, clothed in the the false persona of health, wealth, prosperity gospel, aka, the American Dream. Anything negative is itself to [...]